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My year in Wales 1969-70
Bernd Morsbach, who was the German Assistant at EVGS in 1969-70, has written an account of his time in Ebbw Vale for his family, and has kindly offered it for publication on the website, in a slightly abridged form. It's a fascinating reminiscence of a period of great change.

Confessions of a Compulsive School Attendee
Eric Smith looks back on multi-role association with the school going back to 1945.

Memories of a Dover boy
Dover evacuee Arthur Barnacle writes about being a wartime evacuee to Ebbw Vale.

Memories of an evacuee
More wartime recollections from another Dover schoolboy.

Lighting the beacon
David Harris from Cwm lit the beacon on the Domen to mark the Queen's coronation in 1953.

A balanced view from the 60s
Not everyone's memories of school are relentlessly happy. Alan Lord brings some balance to the 1960s.

The life of Graham Jones
The title is self-explanatory!

Raymond Sullivan
Ray writes about his time at the school from 1946 to 1953 and includes an article from a U.S. magazine.

Memories of a long-time absentee
David Parsons, another from the same era, tells it all from beyond Ebbw!

Alan Jones
The late Alan "Shacky" Jones, instigator of this website, shares his schooldays recollections.

A Jewish boy at EVCS
A Cwm-born son of Polish Jewish immigrants attended the school during WWI. Alan Jones tells his story.

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