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Terry Forrest (received April 2011)
I was at Ebbw Vale CGS from 1950 to 1957. Having blown A levels, I went to Caerleon after a year in the Metallurgy Dept at Ebbw Vale Steel Works. Three years teaching in Essex was followed by a short stay in London for ICT teaching computer programming.  Moves  with the family (one of each) to the Midlands and Port Talbot doing the same was followed by a time back in the Midlands in consultancy. In the meantime I graduated from the Open University as one of the first group and Chaired the Central and Welsh Consultative committees. Moving to Kuwait I spent five years managing the IT education  team. Returning to the U.K. in 1984 I remained self employed in IT and Management training. In 1986 I followed an MBA programme in Geneva, then back to the U.K. and on holiday in Cyprus I met my second wife. I had bought an apartment in Pafos in 1982. More self employment led to retirement and the inevitable move to Pafos where we have now lived for seven years. Hope to hear from some of my contemporaries so I can catch up.
I should like to contact  a member of staff, Frank Powell who, as well as teaching me Physics, was my form master for five years and was a well known rugby referee. When I last heard of him, he was living near Pontypool.

Martin Young (received February 4th, 2011)
I am trying to locate Marlene Lewis, she lived in Cwm/Ebbw Vale in 1970's and had a daughter called Kimberly.

Alison Pratten (received October 9th, 2009)
Does anyone have any recollection of James Henry Pratten, born 1944, who may have attended the school in the late 1950s? He lived in Frost Road, Beaufort.

Carol West nee Fletcher (received Aug 17th 2009)
I have just logged on to the website and read Mr Trevor Rees' eulogy.  He was the only teacher able to get me to understand algebra! Up until a few weeks before he died, we used to have our little chats down the town. I well remember his wife Muriel who we very unkindly used to call "have you ever seen a dream walking."  She used to walk down the corridor looking straight ahead, not minding what was happening around her.  But she was a lovely lady.  In actual fact, my 91 year old aunt who was a district nurse, vividly remembers caring for Mrs Rees when she was being treated for cancer.  Another not so nice long-lasting memory is that of Miss Lindberg.  At my very first needlework lesson I was the only pupil to cut out a pattern the wrong way around and didn't she let me know it.  Not only me, but the whole class.  From then on I disliked her intensely even going to the extent of trying to make myself ill so that I wouldn't have to go to one of her classes.  This continued for almost all of my education at EVCGS until one day I was helping my brother on his paper round and knocked at a door in Libanus Road, only for it to be opened by Miss Hughes and behind her was Miss Lindberg, both in their dressing gowns!  From that time on, they held no fear for me.
Another vivid memory I have is that of Tom Davies the Art Master, throwing a chair across the room at one of the pupils who had dared to answer him back!
I well remember Conrad Bayliss, who taught me French.  I cannot remember whether it was he, or Hugh Griffiths, who had the charming habit of entering the classroom and if there was any noise, would draw his nails down the blackboard - I can still hear that sound.
Another vivid memory is that of never been successful in buying a cake when they used to go on sale from a classroom window.  I spent 5 years of my school life trying to get my hands on one of those cakes but failed miserably.
One of my ex class-mates I see quite regularly is Dilwyn Byles.  He has hardly changed, still trying to get my husband Donwyn West, into Caersalem Chapel Waunllwyd.
Most of my memories of Ebbw Vale Grammar School are very happy ones and in my case schooldays were amongst the happiest of my life and I still feel so sad when I drive past the site now occupied by faceless houses.

Philip Knapman (received Aug 4th, 2009)
I have been looking at your website, seeing pictures of my father, Brian Knapman in the 1951 rugby and cricket teams. Do any of his school friends remember him?

Yvonne Perkins (received June 2nd, 2009)
Hi, I am trying to find out if my uncle's parents Arthur Miles Beale once owned the Park Hotel in Waunlwyd.
I am also keen to find out why the house my uncle was born in (16, Richmond Road, Abergavenny) is now missing. I have been trying to find this out since my holiday in Wales last year. I would be grateful for any news! My uncle was Frank Miles Beale, born in 1913 in Abergavenny.

Donald Price 1939-43 (received Mar 8th 2009)
I came across this part of the Ebbw Vale site only today and have seen and read about everything there is to know about the old school. I had forgotten the names of most teachers but the feedback of Geoff Davies jogged my memory as did that of Wynford Davies who named quite a few lads. Wynford was a good scrum half, but he was also an accomplished wicket keeper who had to stand up to the fast bowling of Lindon Ashman. I left school to serve an apprenticeship at RT&Baldwins and later worked at the Steel Company of Wales in Port Talbot. I joined the navy in 1947 and served among other ships on HMS Unicorn until my demob in 1950. In 1963 circumstances led me to move to the Netherlands where I remarried and worked up to my retirement (60years) in 1979. I now live in Schiedam, Holland.

Among my memories of EVCS is one of the French teacher Miss ? who, during our first lesson after the summer holidays showed the class some of her holiday snapshots which were in an envelope and passed from hand to hand around the class. Miss? had forgotten that some snaps were of her in a swimsuit and we boys 12-13 years had a great time teasing her about it. Another memory was the time  the girls' hockey team challenged the boys to a game, we thought that will be a piece of cake, but when we came off the field all bruised and sore we knew better.

John Pratten 1943-47 (received Feb 25th 2009)
As an "old, old boy" I have just discovered  your website ! I am so thrilled to to have the opportunity to see the photographs of yesteryear, especially as I am on the one showing off The House of Gwent! We not only won The Title 44,45,46, we went on to win 47,48,& 49!! How about that? My records finish there. Mr Grifiths, our Geography Master was our manager and coach.  He believed in fair if foul  means! Good old Griffo! I am the 2nd from the right of the back row. I was a 100 yarder and number one in the 4 x 100 relay. How I wish I could run like that today!

Oh yes, my name is John Pratten, I chose to leave school in July 1947 and went to London. Now I am retired, living in Langland Bay Swansea. One boy I have always remembered is Graham Powell. He beat me every time in the 100 yards. He was also a terrific student and finally won a couple of caps for Wales at rugby of course [he was Ebbw Vale RFC's first capped player - web manager]. My sister is Margaret, she was a pupil two years after me.

My e-mail address is

Any one who remembers me PLEASE get in touch.  Time is now getting short!

Joe Eales 1949-55 (received Dec 27th 2008)
I cannot understand why I did not do a search for my old school before now (December 2008) to be transported through time by modern technology is truly a wonderful achievement. The old happy memories came flooding back as if it was only yesterday.

My first form room was the Libanus Chapel annex. What was a dilapidated pedal organ doing there, I wondered? Miss Lindbergh was our form teacher, and although in the spirit of true socialism, there was no compulsory uniform, except for a small blue cap, she did nag us to get a school blazer.  

My school career was totally undistinguished, in fact if I still had my old green, hard cover report book, you would say abysmal. The only A I ever achieved was in PE. Marsden Evans asked us all to choose a corner of the gym depending on how we graded of ability, A, B, C or D. My great friend Martyn Nicholas and myself promptly went to the A corner and that is what we were given on the report! However, I did enjoy my lessons - my problem was the home work, which I never took seriously enough, just doing enough to keep out of real trouble.  I was once sent to Dr Saffell for carving my initials on a very ancient desk, I think I had found one of my uncle’s name there. I fully expected to be whacked, but on reflection, cannot remember anyone being caned by him. He looked at me and gravely pronounced, “Eales, your initials on the desk are the only mark that you will leave on this school”, and unfortunately he was right.  

The characters of whom I have vivid memories to this day are: John Tucker Thomas, Pete Slash Long, Mostyn Phillips (I was his second server on the dinner table) Martyn Nicholas, John Philco Phillips, who tragically died while in his forties soon after he left the Royal Navy (for which he regularly played full back), Gracy Davies, Clarrie Lapham, WG Horace Davies, Val Thomas, married Clive Bull, Robert Cooker Parsons (so-called because of his ability to cook physics experiment) and Tommy Spat Davies. Teachers I remember are: Messrs Powell, Rees, Hopkins, Griffiths, Mrs "Babs" Evans, who married the PE teacher who took over from the great Marsden while he went to Carnegie to complete a diploma in PE and of course Frank Evans. Who will ever forget the sight of him pedaling down the Beaufort road on the oldest, upright bicycle in Ebbw Vale, the rim of his grey trilby hat turned back by the speed of the wind, the smoke from his pipe streaming back like a stately Titanic? At the sight of him every school cap was hurriedly crammed back on the heads of a host of small boys.  

On leaving school I joined the RAF, intending to make a carrier of it, I really wanted to be a pilot. Two years on a fighter bomber station in Germany made me change my mind. Consequently in September 1957 I entered Monmouthshire Training College, Caerleon to become a PE teacher. After completing the two year course, this time I took my studies seriously, I went to Cardiff to take a Diploma in Physical Education.  

Two years in Romford, then I joined the British Forces’ Education service and found myself assigned to a spanking new school, Gloucester School, Germany, as Head of PE. I really loved the job and am still on excellent terms with some of my old pupils. After eight years I was promoted to Head of Lower School. Next it was off to Berlin as Deputy Head of The Havel School. In all I spent twenty one great years working with Forces’ Children.

My first marriage ended in divorce in 1982, and I felt the need for a complete change on scene. By pure chance fate lead me to Malaysia, first as Deputy Principal of the Alice Smith International School, then, after a year to become the Principal. My last careers move saw me at the Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur, as Headmaster, a new school campus and the biggest international school in Malaysia.  

While I was at the Alice Smith School a number of Heads decided it was time to band together for the exchange of ideas and to spread the cost of bringing out course leaders from the UK. Thus the Federation of International Schools in South and East Asia was born. On retirement in 2003 I was appointed as Executive Secretary of the Federation, grown to twenty six schools, which are scattered all over the region from Tokyo in the east to Kathmandu in the north.  

I am now fully retired and am a permanent resident of Malaysia. I have ample time to look back on a life that has had many highs and lows, but I shall never forget those wonderful formative years at EVCGS. If there is anyone out there in the vastness of cyberspace who remembers me, I should be absolutely delighted to hear from you.  

Anthony Gwyn Williams (received Nov 5th 2008)
I was extremely pleased to learn last night of this website from an old school friend in Tothill Street.
My name is Anthony Gwyn Williams (late of Holland Street) and I attended the school from 1964 to 1969 (I had been previously 2 years at Abertillery Grammar).
I have a History Degree from London and taught before training in my forties for the Catholic Priesthood. I was consecrated a Bishop in 2001 at Hampstead where I have lived since 1975. I say the Tridentine Latin Mass all over London and the South East of England for groups who are attached to the Old Rite. We also have a vibrant group in Grangetown, Cardiff and at Abertillery.
I have many happy memories of EVGS, especially of Miss Davies, Mrs Samuel and Mrs Nancy Roberts who took over as one of the English mistresses in 1966 on the sad death of her husband Wyn.  I remained good friends with all three until their deaths.
In 19?? Miss Davies and Mrs Samuel helped me to relaunch the Past Pupils Association but due to lack of written contributions only 2 issues were ever produced. I still have all the info collected then.
I was surprised and very pleased to see Phillip Williams as one of the contributors to  reminiscences and would very much indeed like to be put in touch with him. I recall that he stood in 1969 as a Conservative in the Cwm by=election for the old Council and obtained the princely vote of 57!  Do please pass this message to him and ask him to contact me.
I should love to hear from him again.
When last in Ebbw Vale in August I visited Mr Trevor Rees (Maths master in my time) who still, at 97, lives alone. He is frail yet well and entertained Ray Dobbs and me to a short piano concert.

Deborah Dyer (nee Griffiths) (received Nov 1st 2008)
Hello, looking at your website brought back good memories although I was one of those that made the transfer from the grammar school to the comprehensive school during, I think , form 3 - perhaps 1975 (it was 1975, the move was made in December). I now live in College Mews and, in fact, looking at one of the photographs entitled "Looking towards site entrance", I am pretty sure that the photograph is taken from what is now my back garden. Have you any more recent photographs from say 1972 to 1975 ?

Tom Melville Maurice (received 31st Oct 2008)
My name is Mark Maurice and I live in Durban South Africa. I was wondering if anyone could help me get over a brick wall that I have encountered.I have been researching my Grandfather and the furthest back I can go is a home address of 7 Church St. Ebbw Vale in 1915. This appears on some military papers as his home address. His Name was Tom Melville Maurice and he was born in approximately 1888.

Laura O'Neill (received 14th Oct 2008)
Hello, I am trying to find out about the Hawkins of Ebbw Vale, for my baby daughter. My father-in-law's mother was called Minnie May Lorraine Hawkins, and had sisters called Ann and Gwen as far as I know. She married a Warren, but I know very little about her. I'm just fishing for info, really, in the hope that there were not many Hawkins in Ebbw Vale.

Margaret Hopkins (nee Yandle) (received 6th Oct 2008)
I left a message on the website asking if anyone could remember an evacuee my parents  Jack (John) and Doreen Yandle had during the 2nd World War. His name was Michael Jacob(s) and we would dearly love to trace him.

My father passed away 12 years ago but my mother is 92 and would love to have some news of their evacuee who they loved very much. We would be very grateful for any help.

My email address is

Coral Glossop nee White (received 29th July 2008)
(formerly of Waunlwyd but now living in Perth W.Australia).

Yes,I was in the Class of 53 and have just received a DVD of the reunion from Carol West, nee Fletcher, who married my cousin.

Am I one of the 15 mentioned out of the intake of 105?  I didn't receive an invitation although did know about it via my sister, Pam Powell also known as Mary.

My, how we've all changed! Looks as though everyone enjoyed themselves and yes, if another one was held, I would try and attend although  itwould depend upon my husband's health as it's not too good at the moment.

Best Wishes to you all

Margaret Hopkins (nee Yandle) (Caerphilly)
I found the memories on this site very touching and funny. Ebbw Vale was my mother's home and my father came from Tredegar. Ebbw Vale still holds many memories for us and we still have family living there. Most of my family attended and still do the Apostolic Church in the town. My parents Jack (John) and Doreen Yandle lived in Sirhowy Tredegar and had an evacuee for many of the war years called Michael Jacob(s). I have tried unsuccessfully to find any trace of Michael but have failed. My father died in 1996 but my mother is still alive and is nearly ninety-two years of age. She would dearly love to have some news of Michael and we were wondering if anyone can help us.

Margaret Hancock (nee Wishlade) (Cardiff)
I have just joined the ranks of the electronic cognoscenti. School dates 1947-54.

Colin Richards (Canterbury)
Your excellent website has brought back many memories of EV Grammar School where I was a pupil from 1943 to 1949. Do you have any email addresses of any contemporaries particularly from the 6th Form years, 1947 to 1949? A contributor to your website was Stan Baugh whom I would like to contact, if he still remembers me! Many thanks.

Editor's note: Anyone from Colin's era? Please contact us through the contact page and we can put you in touch!

P. Hill (Canvey Island, Essex)
Hi, I live in Essex, I went to this school in 1978 (When it was Glanyrafon JCS? - Editor's Note). My dad was up visiting me just before Christmas, when we found your site. My dad went to this grammar school in 1954; he's the boy 2nd from the left in the front row of the fourth part of the school photos (I spotted him by his ears!). He remembered most of the teachers.

Jayne Watkins (nee Withers)
Any chance of a reunion for later pupils? I attended the school 1969 to 1975 when it closed, I'm sure there must be a lot of us who would love to catch up. I attended a reunion a few years ago at the Welfare in Ebbw Vale, however everyone was that much older than me so I didn't know anyone. One lady I spoke to went to school with my mother, Maureen Morris, in the 1940s! I live away now but have the Gwent Gazette delivered every few weeks and was saddened to learn of the sad passing of Mrs Savage, she was such a special person/teacher. Hope to hear from you.

I attended EVGS from 1970 to 1975, headmaster was Mr Smith and then Mostyn Phillips. My days at the school were not very happy, however I got 'O' levels and left Ebbw Vale to work in the civil service based in Cardiff. From there I have worked in various locations round the UK. The main lesson EVGS taught me was shouting and telling folk to do something does not get the best result, and that has stood me in great stead, hence my life has been very happy and fulfilling. It amuses me that both my children are teachers! It would be great to hear from any former pupils from my time at the school and perhaps a reunion?

Rob Smith
Have you seen this website, on which old copies of Dover Grammar School's "Pharos" magazine can be read? There's at least one from their time in Ebbw Vale. 

Love your site and especially enjoyed the reminiscences. 
Re: the letter from Robert J Bruce - there is a web site called "gathering the jewels", they may be interested in the book that he mentions. Also, regarding school registers, I think that almost all of Ebbw Vale schools registers are now deposited in Gwent Archives which I think is in Cwmbran. You may wish to visit ebbwvaleforum which you can find on Google

Garth & Ann Sutherland (nee Greenhouse)
Attended EVCGS 1953-1958, Ann attended 1955-1961

Wynford Davies
EVCS 1940 - 1945 Diploma Courses in PE at Cardiff and Leeds. Teaching posts Dagenham and Nelson, Lancs. PE Adviser Bournemouth/ Dorset 1966 -1982.

My brother Elwyn ( EVCS 1942-1947) now living in Canada, found your Web site via Ebbw Vale Rugby Club Web site. I thought you might like to hear from a slightly older codger. The memories of the Dover school evacuee reminded me of those half day sessions and the long free afternoons. He also mentioned the inter-school rugby matches which they never won. Soccer was their game but we beat them at that too. His memory of Arthur Edwards becoming Welsh Rugby Captain was incorrect. He did play for Wales once or maybe twice and he got a Welsh Schoolboy Cap as can be seen in the School team photograph of 1944-45 (see photogallery). The other players in the photograph are: Back row: left to right P.Clarke D. Maynard J.Hoddlle D.J.Davies W.G.Powell R.Davies K.Follis K.Stacey D.Payne Front row; Mr. Melville Jones A.Hibbert G.Comer W.Davies A.B.Edwards Mr. D.T.Davies L.Ashman J.Sullivan J.Smith Mr.C.Hopkins. Inevitably some of them are no longer with us - my Fly Half partner Geoff Comer,Arthur Edwards, John Hoddle , Keith Stacey and probably others. I’d be surprised if any of the three members of staff are still breathing. I hope I can attach a copy of the 1946 -47 School team showing Don Phillips as captain and Graham Powell who gained some Welsh international caps ( next but one to Dr. Saffell’s left ). Two other memorable events in 1944 and 1945 were the August holiday harvest camps organised by Mr. Melville (or was it Melvyn ) Jones for 20 to 30 boys to work on the farms between Abergavenny and Monmouth. The first was at the Onen Hall and in 1945 at the better appointed Hendre Hall - both on the Abergavenny - Monmouth road through Llantillio Crossenney. We slept on the floor on palliasses (quickly and rudely renamed) in dormitory style. Our earnings were worked out by Mr. Jones, head of maths and payment received in September. A thoroughly enjoyable experience except for the latrines in the woods at Onen Hall.

Katrina Shepherd-Rabaa
I stumbled across your site by accident whilst in contemplative mood. I am a past pupil of the EVCGS (1968-1975) and cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the various facts and reminiscences you have so carefully gathered together. I, like many others I am sure, have many memories of the old school and was quite dismayed to see it finally torn down. The time I spent at the school was mostly a very happy time, despite having to wear a duffle coat in winter and braving the classrooms which opened directly onto the boy's yard! Reading the various submissions from past pupils brought to mind my first day at the esteemed Grammar School. Bereft of friends and in unfamiliar surroundings, I was seated with all the other new-comers in the school library. My uniform was as stiff and unfamiliar as the sea of pupils which surrounded me. My fear was compounded by the arrival of the head-master, Mr Smith. His very presence awoke in me a timidity and wariness which remained firmly entrenched until the day he retired. As the years passed, however, and life took me from the familiarity of the Valleys to the South of England, Southern Ireland and North Africa, I came to realise that my time spent at the school had been well spent. For example, I realised I had developed in my youth an innate love for history, English literature and languages. The Latin lessons I had bemoaned and resented at 12 years of age enriched my visits to several Roman ruins and made me wish I had paid more attention in class. Now, having just celebrated my 50th birthday, I realise I was privileged to experience a very special school environment – one which to this day I continue to bless. Thank you once again for taking the time and effort to produce a site filled with so many memories.

Les Brindley (from New Zealand)
I attended Ebbw Vale County Grammar School from 1948 to 1952 then I took up a fitting and turning apprenticeship with R.T.Bs. I left them in 1962 to emigrate to New Zealand where I still live. I was sorry to hear that the grammar school has been demolished as I had many happy and not so happy memories there.

David England (from USA)
Just came across this site from a Google search. I went to EVGS from 1966 to 1973. Headmaster was R C Smith until 72 when Mostyn Phillips took over. I have lots of fond memories - perhaps one special one is when I went up the front of the class to collect a geography test result from Ron England and he told me, "With a name like that you should be getting 100%!" (I had actually got a poor mark that day). I would love to hear from others who were there during my time and I aim to go to the next reunion.

Steve Hawkins
Hi, my name is Steve Hawkins and my father Robert Hawkins attended the grammar school from 1945 to 1949 approx.  Following his mother's death Robert or Bob left Ebbw Vale at the age of 15 to work in Nottingham and prior to his death in 1994 ran a successful fruit, veg and health food shop in West Bridgford, Nottingham.  I am currently researching my family tree and would like to contact any of my dad's former school friends who may have memories or photos of his school years. 

Editor's note: Please contact me through the 'contact us' section and I will forward details to him

Stanley Baugh
I came across this site after a friend in E V brought my attention to it. I think the site is an excellent one with a good variety of information and it was very enjoyable indeed to mull through. Almost made me feel young again. ALMOST!!!!! I have a few photographs which you probably already have but , in case, you haven't they are attached (see galleries). Two school rugby team photos for the years 1945/6 and the year 1946/7. I also have another photo printed in the Argus of a race on the Bridgend field during sports day. It shows myself with Don Harris (I think ?) and Graham Norris, Leighton Ashman and two others whose names I cannot recall. I also have a school photo when my brother attended the school. He was born in 1922 so it could be sometime in the 30's, no date on the photo. Let me know if interested. I also have some copies of the Blue & Gold somewhere in the house but you probably have them. If not I will look for them!

Robert J. Bruce
I was delighted to find this site through Google, using the Welsh school motto. It has solved a mystery for me. I have a 'prize giving' book, very nicely bound in red leather (as such books once were) and embossed in gold on the front with the round school logo, exactly like the one depicted on your internet site. The book was awarded to Stella Wall. French Prize, July 1901. "Roman Life in the Days of Cicero" by Alfred J. Church. Published in 1898. So a serious academic book. The book came to me from my grandmother who died in 1970 aged 91, but has remained a mystery until now. Her name before she married was Ethel Nicholls and she had a sister Ada. What I don't know is how Ethel got hold of Stella Wall's book. Perhaps she was a friend. It is possible that Ethel and Ada went to the school as they lived in the area. Are there registers that can tell me whether the Nicholls girls attended the school? If you have a school archive where this book can be placed, then I would very much like to freely donate it.

Editor's Note: Could anyone let me know if there is a school archive or some such suitable place where this kind offer can be taken up. Use the contact us feature on this website to make contact with me.

Diana Sturgis, nee Weston
Reading this website has been such fun; thank you for making the effort. I have many happy memories of my school years, 1951-57, and often wonder what became of my fellow students. I have lived in New York City for most of my life but occasionally make it across the pond to 'home'. Nadine Weller's memories of Ebbw Vale struck a chord, as I too lived at Eureka Place before we moved to Cwm Hir, just around the corner from school. I remember selling buns from a classroom window in the old building to pupils in the yard at break time, -"2 cream and 1 iced? That'll be eightpence". And buying 'wagon wheels' in the tuck shop was always a treat. Charlie Pugh's sweet smile was always a balm after a bad algebra mark and a quiet reminder that everything is relative and life should be enjoyed.

More from Geoff Davies (aka 'Sheriff')
I was at EVCS from 1937-41 and would welcome any communication from any of my contemporaries, many names of which I can recall, along with, probably the whole teaching staff though, no doubt, most of them> (Fellow-pupils and teachers alike) have gone to the Great Tin Tab in the sky. My memory was brought into sharp focus by seeing the name 'Harry Ivory' in one article. Harry (now deceased) was our very large evacuee who had an appetite to match and took up most of the double bed we shared. His long-time girl-friend is still going strong in EV and we still keep in touch but I shall refrain from furnishing any details of her whereabouts, unless asked directly.

Geoff Davies (aka 'Sheriff')
I was at EVCS from 1937-1941 and remember it well - many of the staff and Dai Twt (aka Ianto Small Coal i.e. Mr D T Davies, the diminutive Headmaster, to say nothing of Josh Jones, T L Williams, Frank Evans (English)(he of the pipe and large bicycle, to say nothing of his prowess with a cane,) Tal Morgan, (known as 'Creeping Jesus') - Miss Rees (later Mrs Samuel, (known as 'Eto')) ....need I go on? I would welcome contact with anyone who has survived ....

Editor's Note:  I too remember most of these people having spent 1 year in the school with D T Davies.   Were you back in Ebbw Vale after the war and can you remember the bookcase given by the Past Students Association to the school in memory of those who died in the war? For anybody still connected with the school, is this bookcase still around?

Coral Glossop nee White
I was given this web site by my cousin, Roy White, who still lives in Ebbw Vale as does most of my family including my sister, Mary Pamela (Pam) Powell nee White.  I attended EVGS from 1953-58 and have mixed memories of my time there, mainly happy ones.  Does anyone know the words of the school song? I know it started 'Thou seat of knowledge and of glory' but after that I can only remember bits and pieces. I left Ebbw Vale in 1959 and came to Australia in 1964 where I met my husband so now refer to myself as a Welsh-born Australian.  Even after 41 years here people still recognise my Welsh accent!

Carol Elaine West
It was only today that I learned of this website from an old schoolmate Coral Glossop (nee White). It brought back so many memories, mostly good, some not so. I attended Ebbw Vale Grammar between 1952 and 1957. Just an average pupil. I was in the A form throughout which was considered, quite wrongly I thought, to contain the more intelligent beings! I well remember some teachers with fondness: Conrad Bayliss, Howard Griffiths, Mr Roberts (Taffy) with his shining bald head, Mr. Trevor Rees who was the only teacher who could make me see sense in Maths and who by the way is still alive and kicking at the grand age of 92! I see him almost everyday and we have many a chat about the past. He has a memory better than mine. Other teachers I remember but not with any great fondness I must admit are Miss Hughes (Biology), Mr Tom Davies (Art) - he had a fondness for throwing things - chairs usually! Miss Lindberg who made my years at Ebbw Vale Grammar a complete and utter misery because I was hopeless at gymnastics, games and needlework. There were others that I had no particular concerns with - Frank Evans, Miss Davies (deputy head). 

Coral showed me a photo the other day where I am sat with Peggy Matthews and we both ended up marrying into the West family! My only real claim to any kind of fame is that I had my first child at the age of 46! I always was a slow learner! 

My family left Ebbw Vale in 1967 when my father went to Llanwern. I then worked for the Ford Motor Co. finance subsidiary for 10 years, then we moved to Rogerstone where I became p.a. to the Rogerstone Power Station manager and then in 1978 we moved back to Ebbw Vale where I still live. I was employed for 10 years in the probation office where I met up with 2 old pals from Grammar School - Alan Powell and Rosemarie Parker. I left employment when I had my daughter who is now 18 and embarking upon her own career as a nursery nurse. At the moment I am in the throes of opening up a Parents and Toddlers Group in Mount Pleasant Chapel of which I am a member. 

I was extremely saddened when they demolished the old school and even more annoyed when they called the new houses College Mews - where did that come from? Anyway, it was nice to be in touch and I will let as many people as I can know that this website exists. Ta Ta for now Carol West (nee Fletcher).

Mike Newman
Hi ... By chance, I've just come across the site - so, thanks for the memories and filling in the blanks that arrive with age. [1953-1959] My personal heritage was '53 when we all received an autograph book produced, with tinplate cover, by the steelworks. Like everyone else, I raced off to get as many autographs as I could from just about anybody, even the Tuck Shop - but I had the 'misfortune' to hand it first to my music teacher Frank Harrison [wonderful man] who told me he would return it to me the following day. I was so angry and frustrated - I could have filled it by then! Then the following day, he returned it to me. He had beautifully inscribed three musical notations that have been with me every day ever since. NEVER B FLAT NEVER B SHARP ALWAYS B NATURAL.

I know from the events of the last fifty years that it was written just for me! He had me sussed! 

Best wishes to everyone. Mike Dobbins

Gill Doward nee Crook
I was at E.V.C.G.S.from 1951 to 1958, my father and grandfather having been pupils before me. I stumbled across this site by accident, but it has triggered off some memories that I must organise and write down. I'll be in touch.

Lynne Rook (1967-1973)
Having just invested in a laptop and going online, I decided to search the web to look into my former days in Ebbw Vale. I attended the EVCGS between the years 1967-73 and like most pupils at the time I hated school, but looking back over the years I now realise that I have some fond memories and still keep in touch with a school friend for what seems to be an eternity. I left just before it became a comprehensive school getting my first job as a junior clerk at Richard Thomas and Baldwin's steelworks. I often thought that teachers were strict and welcomed the arrival of Mr Mostyn Phillips, especially with our first disco in the assembly hall, great fun was to be had. However, looking over the years now and having some experience myself at having taught in a comprehensive (albeit as a special needs assistant) and witnessing total disrespect for the teachers, there was a lot to be said for the likes of Mr Ron England who was rarely seen smiling!

Phill Williams
Really glad to find this site. It brings back lots of nostalgic and happy memories of attending Ebbw Vale Grammar from 1956 to 1962. I remember a lot of the teachers' names; I'm only sad that some of them are no longer with us. Although my name is Phill Williams, for some reason I was always known by the name "Wilshaw", I still do not know why to this day. If I have any claims to fame at the school then they are that I played for the school rugby team and was the first person to play a brass instrument (trombone) in the school eisteddfod. I came from Cwm and there were a number of pupils that I remember travelling to school by train with. To this day my fondest memory is getting engaged to another pupil called ( ) although we never married and I don't know where she is now. Anyway again thanks for bringing back fond memories.

Rob Smith (Beaufort)
My parents (Eric and Shirley Smith) gave me the website address so I thought I'd take a look. I started at EVGS in September 1972, the day that former pupil, Mostyn Phillips, started as Headmaster. I have some happy memories of the school, but some less happy too. Perhaps it was different for you back in the 50s, or perhaps time is a great healer! Anyway, it's an excellent idea to have a website dedicated to the school and I look forward to seeing how it develops. For old Ebbw Valians who still follow the town's rugby club, please call into the Ebbw Vale Rugby Club website.

John Lewis (Nipper)
I attended the grammar school from 1953 up to 1959. The headmaster was Dr Saffel, and I found him a very efficient person. The site that you have put together is an excellent one, and it brought back a flood of very happy memories to me.

I used to live next door but one to the school, but I can recall that I was very often late, and as a result was a regular attender at detention.

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