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This is a new page, set up with the aim of trying to unite former pupils who have lost touch over the years. However, it is not 'facebook' or 'friends reunited' so published details will be kept to a minimum and no contact will be set up unless all parties agree.

Anyway, here are a few recent requests.

Helen Pearce would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers her mother, Jacqueline Puddefoot who, she believes, attended the school in the 1950s. She lived in Garden City. If you do recall her, please contact Helen on
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Penry Williams, who attended the school between 1956 and 1963, is seeking information about Milwyn Jenkins who taught French. Penry writes, "I was taught French by Milwyn who was also a distant relation to me. I would be very grateful for any information that anyone has about him, such as his date and place of birth, his family, the date of his death etc, that I can use with my Family Tree. Thank you in anticipation."

Penry lives in Monmouth and can be reached via email (click the link):
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Stanley Baugh would like to contact Colin Richards (Canterbury) who mentioned him in a post on our Feedback page. Colin, drop us a line so we can arrange this.
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Jeff Baker attended EVGS from 1957 to 1964 and, mindful that next year will mark 50 years since he left, has asked if anyone of his era would be interested in a reunion. Jeff points out that he lives 660 miles away from Ebbw Vale, in the Scottish Highlands, so is not handily placed to organise such an event, but would give full backing to anyone who is keen. Get in touch with us via the 'Contacts' page if you're interested.

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